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Schubertreise is an informal name for a series of Schubert-based concerts: the cycle of completed sonata movements by Schubert (performed chronologically) is set within programmes that include repertoire from a wide range of composers. The first such `journey` started at London`s Southbank Centre in 2001 and comprised eighteen concerts. Schubertreisen have subsequently been carried out in a wide range of venues across Europe. This is the first instalment of a recording project that seeks to reflect the spontaneity and fascination of the original journey.

"Much though I love the music of Schubert," comments Lisney, "when I consider the piano sonatas as a whole I doubt that they create such a satisfying series as the Beethoven cycle. The circumstances of Schubert`s life and his extraordinary speed of development as a composer can create problems: incomplete or different versions of the same work place great responsibility on the performer to try to do justice to the composer`s intentions. These `problems` can create a special fascination for interpreter and audience alike and help to ensure that a performance of the Schubert cycle remains a stimulating and creative event."

"The preparation and performance of Schubertreise, with its wide ranging programmes and exciting encounters with colleagues, has proved to me the enduring value of this music: I have been delighted by stimulating feedback and dialectic from the audiences that have attended, often finding email comment on my computer by the time that I have returned home from the concert. Schubert is undoubtedly a composer who stimulates the musical, literary and psychological interests of many people. The programmes of the Schubertreise have thrown up many interesting connections between composers and have sought, in particular, to highlight the special qualities of Schubert`s early music."

volume 1

james lisney | piano

  • Sonata in E, D 157
    • Variations in F, D 156
    • Minuet in A, D 277a
    • Minuet in A, D 334
    • Hüttenbrenner Variations, D 576
    • Andante in A, D, 604
  • Björnsson: Sonata in D, op 3

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